About Us

Giving Tattoos Energy

PEPAX have been in doing tattoo equipment since 2008. Because of loving tattoos, we have met many interesting and professional tattoo artists. They are passionate about tattoos and continue to create various tattoos of extraordinary significance, but tattoo creation is constantly advancing, artists are constantly pursuing more perfect tattoos. Behind each professional tattoo is the continuous innovation and dedication of tattoo artists. There are countless late-night designs and tattoos that last for several hours or days. So we hope to give the tattoo artists energy during this long tattoo work, which also means "Giving tattoos energy"

Our team

PEPAX insists to provide high-quality products to allow tattoo artists finished their work more efficiently, so that artists have more time to design and thinking. We use orange as the main color, which represents energy. The purpose is to hope that every tattoo artist accompanied by PEPAX can have more energy to create more wonderful tattoos.

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